Ira and Jeffrey in front of a mountain lake somewhere in Norway
Somewhere in Norway


Kwerps: Reflections on International Living and Travel

By Jeffrey Baumgartner and Iryna Nikolayeva

This bloggish web site is a collection of thoughts, observations, reflections and ideas inspired by international living and travel. I hope it will provide you with three things: a sense of what other places and cultures are like; inspiration to look at your life in new ways and a laugh. But, I don't want to be overly ambitious. If you get two out of three of those things from any of our stories, I will be happy. Read on. Enjoy. Share your feedback!


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If you are new to this blog, I suggest you start with Touristless Venice, about my trip to Venice immediately after the EU lockdown was lifted. If you like a bit of romance, you'll probably enjoy Falling in Love in the Austrian Alps.


Latest stories

The Answer Lies Just Around the corner (November 2022)
All my life, I've felt that the answer, some profound purpose in life, has laid just round the corner. Although I have experienced a lot in life, I am still looking for that corner.


Exceptionally Nice Aarhus (September 2022)
We decied to stop over in Aarhus on our trip to Norway. We sort of fell in love with the Danish city.


A Delightful and Thoughtful Family Trip to Norway (September 2022)
Ira, my sons and I went on a hiking holiday in Norway - and I got philosophical about hiking paths and the paths of life


Europe's Business Lunch Rule of Thumb (September 2022)
As a rule of thumb, business lunches grow increasingly impressive as you go south and boring as you go north.


A Solo Journey to Aosta Valley (June 2022)
I took a quick trip to the Italian Alps. Travelling alone, I had plenty of time to think about travelling alone.


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Note: stories are in order of when they were written. The dates in brackets are when the stories took place.



Other projects by Jeffrey include: Jeffosophy - essays on stuff that he has learned over the years; - a collection of his recent artwork; and The Imagination Club - hosting experimental workshops in Brussels.